Since 2016, research activities have been an essential component of undergraduate and graduate programs. In order to improve architectural and environmental advancement, research in all Bachelor and Masters training programs focuses on four main themes in collaboration with the CRENAU AAU research laboratory in Nantes: the digital culture of adaptive architecture in the emergence of territories, climate architecture, innovative materials, cultural landscapes and heritage. The main theme of the research is pedagogy to further refine the current innovative approaches in the teaching programmes of ENSA Nantes (Mauritius). The Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism cycle allows students to explore the basics of scientific research through specific resources that are applied in the research seminars and the thesis required in the Masters of Architecture and Urbanism.

The doctoral research takes place at ENSA Nantes by enrolling at the CRENAU AAU research laboratory in Nantes. For more information, please contact l’ENSA Nantes (Mauritius).