Darrël Némorin, second-year Masters of Architecture & Urbanism student from ENSA Nantes (Mauritius), worked on his dissertation entitled “L’archivage numérique et la diffusion du patrimoine local mauricien à travers la photogrammétrie” in the ‘Récits Digitaux’ seminar led by Dr. Laurent Lescop at ENSA Nantes (Mauritius).


Darrël presented his work on Wednesday, February 3 2021, to show the importance of archiving and conserving heritage buildings using new technological advances and the use of photogrammetry in various fields to educate and raise awareness in a fun and educational way.


The brief demonstrates outcomes of work done between March 2020 and February 2021, such as the development of a photogrammetric 3D scan of the orphanage dormitories situated at ‘Le Moulin à Poudre’ in Pamplemousses, collaboration with the National Heritage Fund for site visits, photographic surveys and the design of a website to disseminate culture and knowledge.


Please visit the website for an overview of the various topics such as immersion and virtual reality that are covered in the brief.